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  5. "Pláčou nad svými syny."

"Pláčou nad svými syny."

Translation:They are crying over their sons.

January 9, 2018



I hope they are alright!


Like, physically crying, or actually grieving?


Would "They cry for their sons" work as well?


I think it would be: "Pláčou pro své syny" or "Pláčou kvůli svým synům." But I think it is the same meaning, or very similar.


"Pláčou pro své syny" and "Pláčou kvůli svým synům." have the same meaning - crying for them.

"Pláčou nad svými syny." is different - crying over them.


yes does this mean literally OVER, like they are standing above their sons and crying? or would it be the same as ABOUT in english? my answer, "they are crying about their sons" was not accepted but i think it means the same?


about would be "o svých synech". I am not sure about "for someone". Check https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/cry-over-for-her.2234965/ and similar


i know it doesn't help to latch on to the idea of direct translations. but i am just curious if "pláčou nad svými syny" and "pláčou o svých synech" have different meanings in czech, and if the difference is definable? in english when you cry over someone, you are crying about them.. usually about having lost them or been hurt by them. so that is why i tried "about" in the english translation. to cry for someone is to cry on their behalf, while to cry over or about someone is really on one's own behalf. it is much different in english at least.

(i guess also to cry for could mean, to cry to get someone's attention, too. still different than crying over.)


"Pláčou o svých synech"? no, that would not mean anything. i added "for" and "about" to the english translations.

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