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  5. "I write and he reads."

"I write and he reads."

Translation:Eu scriu și el citește.

January 9, 2018



this might be of use:

I have been learning Romanian on and off again for a couple of years now and I too have struggled with iar vs şi. After a while it sort of clicked (not completely), i still say şi too often, but the general gist of it is. you use iar when the and can be replaced with a whereas

Eu scriu şi el citeşte --> i am writing and he is reading (i don't want to give a special distinction between what he is doing and what i am doing)

Eu scriu iar el citeşte --> i am writing and he (on the other hand) is reading


Gave me "iar" instead of "şi"


What is - iar?
Eu scriu iar el citește.


Is there something wrong with 'Scriu și citește'?

I wrote this, got it wrong and submitted a report, but maybe there is a reason I got it wrong?


They wanted a "Eu" at the beginning. Not a native speaker but, as it is a romance language, I dont think it should matter whether it's there or not.


Well, French is a romance language but the subject is always required. I'm not sure about Romanian, though.


Romanian is like Spanish in the sence that the pronoun isnt always needed, but i got it wrong because i done the wrong accent on the S, despite only being able to do ş on my phones keyboard. I might have been somehing something else though.


In this case, you have the first part of the sentence with "eu" and the second about he. If someone ask you : What are you doing? You're alone in the room, you can say easily "Scriu". If you're 2 writing, "scriem" without article. If you're 2 doing something different, you want maybe show the difference and you insist with an article. You can also insist more by using "iar" instead of "şi" but this lesson doesn't authorize it! Why? I don't know!!!


Me too, I was expecting şi but iar was the only choice.


Are "iar" and "si" synonyms? (i don't have the point on my keyboard)


Not really. There may be some similarity in some case where they can be interchanged, but they are not synonyms. You can't say, for example, El iar ea - as in El și Ea.

"Iar" is used here as a conjunction expressing opposition. Another example: Eu alerg, iar (și) el merge - I run and he walks).


So, iar is used when there is a contrast between two items in a sentence?


I also opened the comments, because i was unsure about the difference/similarities between "și" and "iar"... its still not completely clear, but better...

Also some people here are complaining about missing accents on their keyboard: On Android you can use "Hackers Keyboard" and download "Română" Layout.

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