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How does one get 100% fluency? I have all skills gold and I am on 68% :(

I have all the skills and today I spend a few hours making them all shiny screenshot here. Yet I am only 68% fluent. How do I get beyond 68%?

January 9, 2018



Complete fluency in any language is theoretically impossible. I think Duolingo caps off in the 60-70 range.

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Ich bin vollkommen einverstanden!


I think any brilliant author has some different strong skills than a different brilliant author. My view of 100% for me is to be able to read them both and understand what they wrote. I would have a way to go even in my native language despite many years of advanced study,


My understanding is that Duo only goes up, percentage wise, to a certain number. Duo does not teach 100% of a language and the course reflects this in percentage .

I thought it was only 60%, but if you have gotten to 68% then maybe it is 70%, or maybe according to which language it is.


I think you can't :/ Supposedly the maximum you could get to was 75% percent although it varies between courses.

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