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Duolingo very laggy, anyone else experiencing this?

Am I the only one experiencing this? It takes a while for courses and strengthening tests to load, sometimes up to 10 seconds per question. This is annoying and kind of wastes time, which is something I do not have much these days.

January 9, 2018



Past Incidents

Jan 9, 2018

High Latency
Resolved - Latency issues have been resolved.
Jan 9, 20:42 UTC
Investigating - Duolingo is currently experiencing high latency.
Jan 9, 19:21 UTC



No. It's because right now Duolingo is going through a High Latency. https://status.duolingo.com/ In some hours it will most likely go back to its normal speed


Yes, VERY laggy around 00:00am GMT+1.
I even had to kill the browser (multiple times) to get it back as it was consuming 100% CPU time while loading DuoLingo practice.

I guess I just had luck that ~10-15 minutes before that I was able to sucessfully get 19XP and save my streak ;)

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