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typing in Hebrew?

how do they expect us to type in Hebrew?

January 9, 2018



Install a Hebrew keyboard on your computer or device. If you want to learn the languages you will need to do this sooner or later anyway.


For Duolingo, I use the DuoKeyboard chrome extension. For typing outside of Duolingo, it depends if you have windows, mac, chromeOS, etc. Each system has its own way to add a different language keyboard and shortcuts to switch between the different language keyboard.


Adding a Hebrew keyboard to your PC in Windows 10 is super easy. [If you need instructions how, just look for them online!]

Then, add the On-Screen keyboard app (which is already present somewhere within your Windows 10 system) and pin it to the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, for easy reference. [It will give you a "roadmap" of which keys on your physical (in English!) keyboard correspond to which Hebrew characters whenever you have activated the (internal software) Hebrew keyboard. (PS -- When you toggle, the On-Screen keyboard display will change as well and only display the current language that is being used at that moment....)]

Toggling between the two language keyboards is also easy (especially if they are the only two you have activated within your Windows 10 system!) Hit the "Windows key" (to the left of your Spacebar) and simultaneously hit the Spacebar to toggle back and forth between the two languages!


How do you type the "sofisim?"
I can type the "mem" character,
but cannot type the "final" mem.

For example how do you type
"mem sofis?" (ם - final mem).

Thanks in advance. בס״ד

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