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Health Bar Removal

Is there a way to remove the health bar. Is it disabled when you purchase a a subscription? It’s penalising me for making mistakes and stopping the lesson. I don’t want to use the app now.

January 9, 2018



Purchasing a Duolingo Plus subscription will not stop the Health Bar.

To avoid the health bar, start using the mobile website. There is no health, and there are grammar notes for each skill.


The browser version is better, in my humble opinion, so I would definitely try it. You could also combine the use of the app and the browser version.


I do not get it why people are so ante Heath Bars. When Duo was first released every lesson started with three lives and you lost a life with each mistake. Losing three lives meant you had to start the lesson again and while this was frustrating at times most users hailed the gamification elelment.

Now they have called it health everyone complains bitterly about it. If you make errors during a lesson then perhaps it might help you to redo the lesson again instead of shrugging your shoulds and going on to the next lesson.

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