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One year anniversary today.

One full year of Duolingo today! It has been a great time. Beyond level 25 in French at 71% and at level 18 in English on the reverse tree at 77%. All my achievements on the web app are completed.

The question now is whether to end the consecutive streak and then start another. I cannot imagine not continuing to learn....

So, is there a downside to ending a streak? (I tried once to stop at 1/2 year but it did not end. I either had a streak protector equipped or sneaked in a practice....

With brings to the question about achievements. On the phone app there are 10 rather than 8 achievements. Not sure why but all are completed except the the wizard (equip a streak freeze). Why are there 2 additional achievements on the phone app? Also, how can I fulfill the wizard achievement? I know I have purchased a freeze (but not used one more than once). However, I have no credit for any of the 3 necessary to fulfill the achievement. I have worked too hard not to get the credit. Suggestions?

January 9, 2018



RESPECT!!! Wow a whole year you are a beast! I cant get past 70 without freaking out. I end my streaks all the time. I dont want any pressure associated with my language learning and maintaining a super long streak would effect me. It would become more about the streak and less about the language. You obviously dont have that problem! Bonne chance et merci pour votre commitment!


Un completo año de Duolingo hoy esto es un estupendo tiempo mas aya del nivel 25 en Frances un 71% y un nivel 18 en Ingles marcha atras 77% todos mis logoros en la web son completos La pregunta es haora cuando la concecutiva racha entonces estrellas otro no poder imaginar no continuando aprendiendo


un año lleno de Duolingo hoy has estado estupendo tiempo mas alla del nivel 25 en Frances a 71% Y a nivel 18 en ingles reverenciar al arbol a 77% logros en la web pp son completos


la pregunata es haora si a la concecutiva racha y entonces otras estrellas no poder continuar aprendiendo


asi que, esta hay abajo a finalizar una racha?intento una vez a parar a 1/2 año esto hizo y.ya sea que tiene una racha protector equipado a escabullirce a practicar,


pizca trae a la pregunta acerca logro.en el telefono app hay son 10 mas bien que 8 logros.No porsupusto pero todos son completos exepto el de wizard logros en el telefono app?Ademas,como pueden yo cumplir el mago logro?Saber yo tengo comprador a congelador pero no usado una mas que una vez mas?sin emvargo,yo tengo no credito para any el 3 necesario a cumplir los logros.yo tengo trabajo tambien duro no a obtener el credito sugerencias

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