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tattoo advice needed / conseils de tatouage nécessaires

Hello! I am planning to get a tattoo in French and am stuck between two translations. The translated words are used interchangeably, but I want to get opinions on which would be more correct. I am translating the word 'fighter'/'warrior', not in the sense of war, but of mental strength. My research has pointed me toward 'la guerrière' and 'la battante' (feminine), and I'm not sure which would be more accurate. Thoughts?

Salut! J'ai l'intention de faire un tatouage en français et je suis coincé entre deux traductions. Les mots traduits sont utilisés de manière interchangeable, mais je veux obtenir des opinions sur ce qui serait plus correct. Je traduis le mot «combattant» / «guerrier», pas dans le sens de la guerre, mais de la force mentale. Mes recherches m'ont orienté vers «la guerrière» et «la battante» (feminin), et je ne suis pas sûr de ce qui serait le plus exact. Pensées?

January 9, 2018



Neither. I don't mean to be blunt but it is obvious that you pasted your English post straight into Google Translate. If you aren't a native French speaker (which I'm guessing you're not), a tattoo in French it will just come off as looking pretentious. Like western girls who are tattooed with Chinese symbols that are usually chosen for their design unaware they mean something like "remove before washing".

I'm far from fluent but I know that "la battante" can be translated as "the hustler", synonymous with a far less flattering description for a woman. The other literally means "warrior" (from "la guerre" - war).

Piece of advice number 1. don't get a tattoo at all, but
piece of advice number 2. if you feel the need, make sure you are absolutely certain of the message it conveys and
piece of advice number 3. skip the pretensions and chose something in your own language .... or get a flower ☺


How big is it going to be and where? I like La Battante especially if its somewhere under a t-shirt and guerrier if it's gonna be anywhere else.


To clear up any confusion, I suppose a good comparison would be choosing between ‘warrior’ and ‘fighter’ in English. Just personal and contextual preference really, trying to gather input :)

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