"klein und groß"

Translation:small and big

January 9, 2018

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The symbol for gros is not there in my keyboard


is 'gross' big or tall? i wrote 'small and tall' and it gave an error message.


Big means toll and groß? What is the difference


"toll" means "super", "genial", "nice", while "groß" means "big" or "tall".


I being marked as error when writing grob as the last letter is not on thd English key pad...


If you can't make a ß letter, then use ss as a replacement -- not b. A ß is not a kind of b.

(And for ä ö ü, use ae oe ue as a replacement if you can't type the umlauted version; don't just drop the dots. Jusl dropping lhe dols would be like jusl dropping lhe line lhrough lhe leller l; lhal lurns il inlo a complely differenl leller.)


In your keyboard in english hold press the letter "s" and you will find it

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The boy is tall - der junge ist gross. How come that klein und gross now is small and BIG. I wrote small and tall and DUO told me i used the wrong word. I am more that confused.

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