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  5. "수확물은 풍부해요."

"수확물은 풍부해요."

Translation:The crops are plentiful.

January 9, 2018



Please allow for several alternatives here. +/- indefinite article, for instance, or synonyms for "plentiful" (which is rarely used)


Please flag any missing alternatives you encounter, this will help them improve the course ;) Thanks!


수확물 = harvest, crops, yield etc.

수확 - ditto

So, Question:

물 - what does it stand for? Does it come from 물다 of which one of the meaning is = to pay tax?


I think 수확 can be both the act of harvesting, the verb to harvest, and also the crop... While 수확물 is specifically the result, the crop. 물 Is literally "thing"


Yup, like 물물 교환 is trading / barter of goods, where the direct translation is 'thing-thing trade'.


Thank you for the new vocab word! :)


I wondered the same thing. Then I thought maybe it was like the ending for 동물 and 식물 = animals [action things] and plants [food things]. So this would be crop things. LOL


My bad. I think I have got the words muddled up.

수확 is the process of gathering and collecting in terms of yields and crops = the harvesting, the harvest (in agriculture, fisheries)

수확(을)하다 = do the collecting/ harvesting = to reap, harvest.

When talking about fish and agricultural products, 수확-물 is used to mean the harvest/crop itself.

수확-품 is used for production yield regardless of the product type, perhaps.


收獲物은 豊富해요.


Crops are plenty There are plenty of crops

What's wrong with the above two?


"There are many crops" was not accepted. Flagged it.


Many and plentiful are different words.

[deactivated user]

    Why isnt "The plentiful crops" Accepted?


    Different grammatical structures.

    The given example is a sentence with subject ((The crops)) +adjectival verb ((is plentiful))

    수확물은 || 풍부해요

    The crops || are plentiful

    Your translation offers a noun ((crops)) with an attached adjective ((plentiful)). In Korean, this would read:

    풍부한 || 수확물

    Plentiful || crops


    수확물 is pronounced suhwangmul


    why isn't "the harvest" accepted?


    수확물 harvest

    수화물 luggage


    If you translate this as "there are plenty of crops" it is marked wrong; but, 선물이 풍부해요 is "there are plenty of presents" - and that is marked correct ... go figure! This is very tedious and frustrating.


    It takes time to iron out the flaws. I ran through this course when it came out originally and am again now years later in 2019. There are still a few things but it's MUCH better than it was! For a free resource I can't complain too much

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