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  5. "Sorry, my hands are wet."

"Sorry, my hands are wet."

Translation:죄송합니다 손이 젖었습니다.

January 9, 2018



Both 젖었습니다 and 젖었어요 are correct. 젖었습니다 is just more respectful.


Exactly. As long as you keep the level of formality consistent with the first part of the sentence :)


For your hands to be wet now, they must have become wet some time before. Thus the past tense. A quirk of Korean thought.


Sounds like a quotation from some romantic dorama 8',)))))))))))))))


Why is the verb conjugated in the past tense in this sentence, and is it acceptable to conjugate it in the present tense?


"To be wet" is the same as "to have gotten wet". "Gotten" is the past participle of "get", hence why you see past tense here. It means it became wet at some point in the past. To conjugate in the present tense would suggest your hands are currently getting wet.

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