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The women are drinking a (only one) beer, and it doesn't make any sense. (Problem w/ a Question)

This isn't really a problem with the lesson, more like with a specific question. The instructions were to translate "The women are drinking a beer", which confused me, of course. Typically multiple people don't drink only one beer, right? They come in bottles and cans so I don't know why these women are sharing. I have two questions. One is can the people who make the French lesson change it? (Food, #3) Two is how would you translate "The women are drinking some beer" or "The women are drinking beer"?

Thank you!

January 9, 2018



Just translate the sentence. Don't assume that it has to make sense.


Penguins aren’t in shoes eiether...


As a native french speaker, I would translate like this :

  • The women are drinking a beer
  • Les femmes boivent une bière

Meaning, e.g. they are sitting on a terrace by a sunny day and have a beer

  • The women are drinking some beer
  • Les femmes boivent un peu de bière

Meaning, they don't drink as much beer as the other ones present

  • The women are drinking beer
  • Les femmes boivent de la bière

Meaning, usually (or in this occasion) they drink beer (and not tea or anything else)


I think that the best answer to your question is that in many languages it is generally accepted that when people say someone is having 'a' <uncountable noun>, it is understood that it is in some unspecified container. I always find 'having a beer' grates slightly, but nowhere near as much as 'having a coffee' which must make learners wonder ' a coffee what?'

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