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Duolingo clubs on PC!!!

Please add Duolingo clubs to PC/Mac so we can use it here as well!!!

January 9, 2018



Install an Android emulator.


hi, I'm wondering how to join a club because I'm new to this website so if you could help I would be delighted and I would follow you if u want :)


Clubs are not available on the Duolingo website.

If you have the Duolingo app installed on IOS or Android, then at the bottom of your screen you will see a shield looking thing. Click it, and you can join a club or create a new one.


So when will it have?


Cool, I haven't seen it on the android, I will check.


Yes, I am aware of that. i don't understand why it isn't available on the website. i use the app and the website, and some friends of mine cant join my club because they cant use the app. :( very inconvenient!


Clubs are on the iOS app. I am not learning Greek so I don't know if anyone has started one for Greek learners. You can create one if there aren't any, but only if you have that app.

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