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  5. "빵이 차갑습니다."

"빵이 차갑습니다."

Translation:The bread is cold.

January 9, 2018


  • 차갑다: used with objects that are cold to the touch and to describe another’s personality
  • 춥다: used to talk about the environment or air temperature being cold

Other examples:

  • 커피가 차가워요. = The coffee is cold.
  • 그는 아내를 차갑게 쳐다봤어. = He stared at his wife coldly.
  • 바람이 차갑지! = The wind is cold!
  • 오늘 날씨가 아주 춥네요! = Today’s weather is extremely cold!
  • 여기는 춥지 않아요. = It’s not cold here.
  • 이제 여름인데 아직 밤은 춥다. = It’s summer now but still cold at night.


thanks for sharing! 감사합니다!


What's the difference between 차갑습니다 and 춥습니다?


차갑다 means 'cold to the touch'; 춥다 means that the environment or weather is cold. On the hot side, you have 뜨겁다 'hot to the touch' and 덥다 'environmentally hot'.


First one is for things, second is for weather


But 춥습니다 means dancing


You mean 추다? Here are the different forms of it (all saying the same thing).

  • 춤을 춰요. = Let’s dance.
  • 춤을 추자. = Let’s dance.
  • 춤을 춥시다. = Let’s dance.

Here are a few comparable cases side by side (to dance / cold):

  • 춥다 / 추다 (dictionary form)
  • 추워요 / 춰요
  • 춥습니다 / 춥니다


Why didnt they do cold for the apple and hot for the bread :| that wiuld have actually made sense and might have actually been useful lmao


Good thought. Send on lesson's feedback. When I make my study notes, I make substitutions like that.


I was kind of confused about this sentence... but then I remembered that people sometimes freeze bread to preserve it XD


Yikes -- I translated it as "The room is small".
Keep confusing 방 and 빵 ... Plus to my rigid brain they sound about the same ...빵이 차갑습니다 and 방이 작습니다

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