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  5. "우리의 개는 일곱 살이에요."

"우리의 개는 일곱 살이에요."

Translation:Our dog is seven years old.

January 10, 2018



oh great, now when I FINALLY learnt that 개 doesn't mean dog when numbers are around, I get a sentence about a dog


Yes, for a moment i fogot it meant dog also, even though we learned that 1st. But im glad duolingo put this in there to remind us and keep us on track


우리의 개는 it literally means my dog and our dog at the same time.


I think "my dog" would be "저의 개".


What? I think safibta is right.


Safibta is right. It literally means our. But antlee is right too. Korean use 우리 to say "my" too, especially for family members and to show respect. For example 우리 아빠 (my Dad) or 우리 나라 (my country). So both is correct but I think, here duolingo wants to show the literal translation.


Specifically, the ambiguity comes in whether the pronoun includes or excludes the listener. So while "우리" and "저의" may both be used to mean "my", the connotation is different.

"저의 나라" can mean "my country, but not your country"

"우리 나라" can mean "my country, whether or not it is yours as well"


Our dog Ebby, a toy poodle, is seven years old


So just to be clear, 이에요 is the polite version of 입니다 right?


technically 입니다 is polite formal and 이에요 is polite informal. So both are polite. They are both conjugated forms of the verb 이다.

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