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Someone used my email and Help pages don't work. Suggestions?

Tyr226018 used my email address to sign up for Duolingo, which I want to use to learn Japanese.

I did everything the Help site said and deactivated the account. I even changed its email address. However, everytime I try to do "Sign In with Google +" it sends me back into this person's account.

I don't use Facebook and don't want to create a new email just for this site. I tried emailing support@duolingo.com and it says they won't give me a personal reply and try here instead.

Any moderators in here that can help connect me with actual support? If not, what have other people done in this case?

January 10, 2018



why wouldn't you just use this account? scrap the danish, change the name, and start japanese


This is the thing to do. You can only have one account associated with an email, and accounts cannot be deleted (only deactivated). Therefore, you're stuck with this account.

Change the email password and the Duolingo account password.
Then hover over the username (Tyr226018) and click on "Settings" to change the user name.
Then click on "Learning Language" to sign up for Japanese and delete any courses you don't want.
Then Profile to update the profile information.

Be sure to change your passwords (Duolingo AND email). Whoever used that email address knows the Duolingo password for sure, and likely knows the email password as well.


do what Lrtward said its your email not Tyr226018`s . or at lest change your password. for (Duolingo and email)

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