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  5. "Is she coming here?"

"Is she coming here?"

Translation:Kommt sie hierhin?

March 18, 2013



Haven't come across 'her' yet. Completely threw me off. I thought it would be 'kommt sie hier?'


Sorry for the confusion, we are working on more explanations for concepts like this. "Her" and "hier" are similar, but not interchangeable. Unlike "hier", "her" implies a motion or direction like "into", "towards" and "from". (Wo kommst du her? - Where do you come from?)


Interesting! I learned it in school as 'woher kommst du?' I'd always just assumed that woher was a word on its own.


Lehrerin, Du bist sehr klar. Vielen Dank


Well, you won't get it right on the 1st try; there is not a system, just patterns. Do it lean way and give us an option to fill in bunch of links to uncombed parallel knowledge sources crowd way. Quick [it's already late], unsystematic = better.


Why is "hierher" not also correct?


Made the same mistake. Could a knowledgeable person confirm that "Kommt sie hierher?" is a misspelling? (yaqo, i read the same and it makes sense, i'm only asking if this other version would be acceptable too)


I heard that "her" is the part of verb "herkommen". When you use it you split it as"kommen...her".


I agree, I don't understand why "hierher" would not be correct.


i also don't get it


Why is it "hier her" in this sentence? In all the previous ones it´s been always "hierher".


Well in this case, it is the verb herkommen, so the separable prefix (her) is bumped to the end of the sentence. Why hierher is not also accepted I'm not sure.

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And I'm a little confused that the commenters seem to be talking about different sentences, with for instance their references here to hier her, which isn't in the sentence I'm seeing.


One of the possible correct solutions offered by DL after you get this one wrong when translating from English is Kommt sie hier her? which is where the discussion of hier her comes from.


Hierher is only one word. There should be no space between hier and her.

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