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French or Spanish?

Hello! So I'm in high school and about to enter grade 10(next year in Sept) and I have no idea which on to chose since my parents want me to continue learning French but I want to learn Spanish since I have been learning languages as a hobby and Spanish is pretty easy.And the thing is I never liked French since its hard with all the irregular regular stuff etc.(I'm in a Canadian school so it's not mandatory to take French in grade 10 but you gotta pick a language)

Reasons why: Spanish: -The teachers are gonna start from the alphabet in Spanish -By the end of grade 12, I would have the same level of skills in Spanish as a person who took French. -Spanish is way easier since the words are more simple and easy to conjugate (I think) -More job opportunities??

French: -I already am fluent but not "that" fluent in French -Its gonna escalate fast in grade 10 since the transition is big -My parents want me to take this course -More job opportunities?? -Wayyy more confusing then Spanish

Other option: Take the same English course TWICE

So now that you read all that could you tell me your opinion and please explain. Thank you, it would help for sure. :P

January 10, 2018



Stick with french and maybe take Spanish in your senior year


As a former student with 11 years of French Immersion, my French is nowhere near fluent, and I regret giving up for so many years. You're way better off learning French in Canada than Spanish, but why not eventually learn both? I say learn both on Duolingo and stick to French in school


French. French is awesome.


(I'm tempted to encourage you to take English twice...)
I would think it's much better to know French very well than to be familiar with French and Spanish, especially since you live in Canada. Spanish is easy enough to learn on your own but French is not.


I cannot give you advice, because it sounds like you are more passionate about learning Spanish, but I can say, that as someone who also reached a fairly high level of french in school and then droped it in grade 12 (for more sciences in my case) I regret not sticking it out with french to the end. I think that you are right, Spanish is similar in French, so once you have perfected your french, learning Spanish will seem easy in comparison. You will already understand the structure of a romance language. The reason I suggest sticking with french is, it is at higher level that having school and teachers and classmates really helps. If you started french in school you would be starting at the basics, like you said, and these things you can probably learn on your own, whereas learning the finer points of grammer (in any language) on your own is tricker. So, if it were me and I had a time machine I would stick with french. It will also look much better on a resume after high school if can can list french fluency, as opposed to intermediate spanish (which is probably what you will achieve in high school in the same amount of time). That said, if you really love Spanish, and think that you will be more motivated to supliment your school learning of Spanish by listening to Spanish, music, watching Soanish movies and reading Spanish books, if Spanish makes your heart beat than learn Spanish.


I think you want us to say Spanish.


Just go with what your heart desires, you seem to like Spanish more than French so I would say Spanish. If you are still confused on what you want to take do some research on both languages to determine an answer or ask your friends for their opinion.


You could take the French course at school to satisfy your parents, but take Spanish on DuoLingo.


Hola asi que to estoy en elevada escuela acerca a entrar el grado 10 siguiente año en el septimo y tengo una idea cual a elegir ya que mis parientes quieren a continuar aprendiendo frances pero yo quiero aprende español ya que yo e estado aprendiendo lenguajes como hoby y Español es un bonito y facil y la cosa es nunca gustar frances ya que es duro con todo irregular regular cosas(yo soy canadiencie escuela asi que obligatorio tomar Frances en grado 10 pero tengo que recoger un lenguage


razon porque español El profesor va a estrellas desde el alfabeto en E spañol -por el y grado 12 yo tenia el mismo nivel de habilidades en Español como una persona quien tomo el frances-Españpl es camino mas facil ya que el mundo son mas simple a conjugar (yo pinenso mas trabajo de oportunidades?


Frances-Yo ya soy fluido pero no que fluido en frances va a escalar va mas rapido en grado 10 ya que la trancicion es grande-Mis parientes quieren tomar este curso-mas trabajo opurtunadades?camino mas confucion entomces Español. Otro opcion:Tomar el mismo Ingles curso dos veces

Como haora que tu ya todo que podria toda ni opinion y porfavor explique.Gracias ti,esto deberia ayudar para porsupuesto.






Frances-yo ya soy fluido pero no que fluido en frances-va escala rapido en grado 10 ya que la trancicion es grande-Mi pariente quiere confundir entonces en español.


otro opinion:toma el mismo ingles curso dos veces


como haora que tu leer todo que podria tu contar tu opinion y porfavor explique.Gracias ti haria ayuda por supuesto


I live in Canada, I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish. I am just starting to learn French now and I wish I had taken it before. It is better to continue with the French as it will be more beneficial for your future in Canada. You have the support of teachers and fellow students. Spanish will be much easier to learn later if you master your French first.

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