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Japanese showing wrong characters

In Japanese Hiragana 2, Lesson 1 and 2, Duolingo showed options in matching for characters I haven't learned and didn't show the words for the translation, what do I do to fix this?

Example for Lesson 2: Characters/words for lesson: や, け, の, やさい, おさけ, のむ Matching: ni ら ra け ko こ ma まに ke Characters not learned: らまこ

January 10, 2018



That’s because they’re having you exercise old characters in addition to learning new ones. This will happen with words too. It’s not a bug.


Actually no, they test on characters that haven’t yet been introduced.


They're showing characters that weren't introduced before, but in 3 Lessons after that one. For example, you don't learn ら until Hiragana 2, Lesson 5 and it is showing up in Lesson 2.

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