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Fun Activities to do to Test Your Skills in a Language

These are just some fun things that I have enjoyed doing:

1) Write 10 facts about yourself in the language you are learning and do it with a new friend so you can share with each other.

2) There's this game that I don't know what it's called but you need at least four people to play and someone comes up with a word. The last letter of that word the next person uses to come up with a word that begins with that letter. It's fun and challenging! This really tests your vocabulary skills.

3) Write a journal entry about what ever you want and have a native speaker edit your work.

4) So you know how there's the whisper challenge where you whisper a word or sentence, it goes down the line of people and the last person has to say what they heard? In my Japanese class in high school we played a game similar to this. So you need at least 3 people, one person whispers a sentence to another, but the second person draws what they think they heard and then the third writes a sentence based on the drawing. This can get to be super funny. By the end of class we were crying from laughing so hard.

5) Make up a challenge for a month and commit to it. This can be fun because you can be as creative as you want. I have made one where I learn 5 random words of vocabulary and then I have to make a sentence using those words. The sentence doesn't have to make sense it just has to be grammatically correct.

6) Try to teach someone else a grammar point that you have troubles with or just any of the language you are trying to learn. This will help engrave it into your head and it can be really entertaining.

7) Learn some text chat in the language you are learning. This can be hard for some languages but for most of the main ones usually you can look it up on Google.

8) Learn some slang phrases, this can also be hard but usually there are some trusty sites on Google where you can find a bunch.

9) Play charades with a few friends! (You can make this as difficult or as simple as you want.)

10) Make a video of yourself speaking (on your phone or with a camera), you don't have to post it anywhere, but challenge yourself to speak for as long as you can. And have fun with it!

I hope these help you get together with some classmates, learn a few things and most of all that you have fun! I am normally a super shy person but I have found that you learn a lot if you work together with a few friends.

January 10, 2018



I really like this website called Babadum https://babadum.com/

Please please please check it!


That is cool, I wish they had Dutch!


Thanks for recommending this, it's addictive and so much fun!!! Although on the downside I will probably spend most of my afternoon messing around with it instead of doing other things I should do, haha.


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Sorry, I did that before I posted it and then it said there was an error when I hit post so I thought it didn't post. Anyway, I ended up just hitting enter. Usually the two spaces works for me but I guess not today. Ah well.


Thanks! Much more readable now.


These are all so wonderful! I will definitely do the facts and journal entry activities. I actually don't have friends. At least, not at the university that I attend (I have a few still in high school or have graduated at an earlier time than me), so it may be difficult for me to do some of the other activities. Regardless, they are still useful!

This is weird, but I was actually thinking about making a duolingo manga, written in French. I have already started a duolingo manga in the past (and have posted two pages in the forum), however they were only in English. The problem is, if I started the French one in the discussions, I'm sure it would be downvoted XD. Though, I can still do it without posting. In a nutshell, I love doing that because it combines language learning with two other hobbies I love doing: writing and drawing. It keeps me engaged, I suppose. ^ ^

Thank you for taking the time to write this!


The whisper game...What a fun idea!


I like it. Thanks for the advice.


Here's some lingots! This was helpful!

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