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Highest time?

I'm just wondering, what's the best time you have gotten for timed practice? Any language and any level. My best is probably 1:15 minutes.

January 10, 2018



If there's any confusion, this is for timed practice, and you raise your time by typing the correct answer fast to gain time.


I was really excited when I broke 2 minutes.


I used to be able to get up to about 2:10 (for easier skills without lots of long sentences). However, since the website was updated, Timed Practice seems to 'leak time' whilst it processes the answers (and, possibly, correct answers give less extra time now, too), and I don't think I've ever got over two minutes since the change.


I think I got up to around 2:10.


Mine in 1:20 I think


Around 2 minutes, in Welsh. I'm still too scared to try out timed practice in Polish, though!

[deactivated user]


    Hi AndrewKang4,

    It was over 2 minutes, for a reverse tree, in a language using the same alphabet as English, so it was not too difficult to reach it. But on the other hand, the worst timed practices are the ones where I have to type in a different script or alphabet, and this is often when I get zero answers right and run out of time to boot. Fun and frustrating at the same time!

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