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What are your language learning dreams?!

My language learning dreams (pretty unrealistic) are to be almost natively fluent in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

On duolingo I want to have a 1000 day streak and be level 25 in the languages I listed above.

I also would like to get a good, high paying job (maybe in Germany).

What are your goals?

Thank you, Merci, danke, dank je, gracias, obrigado, grazie!!

January 10, 2018



My dreams are to be able to go to the country and make friends with native speakers or at least make friends with them online. I would love to be able to speak about any topic. I don't care if I make mistakes, but I have trouble just trying to form sentences. The only language besides English that I am actually well versed in is American Sign Language.


I want to be a linguist. The place I'm going to wants me to be able to speak at least one other language, so that's what I'm working on with Spanish. However, the language that spurred my language interest was Finnish. I made friends with a few Finnish artists and they would speak the language when I was in chats with them. It was the most beautiful language I'd ever heard, and that remains just as true today as it did when I was 10. So, while I love language, my biggest goal is to learn Finnish.


I'd want to be able to understand my relatives when they speak Turkish and possibly contribute. They got very excited when they found out I knew the word for bread so imagine how happy they'd be if they found out that I knew a lot more than that :D


As a fellow Turkish learner, I wish you success! Keep doing it! :D


I would like to be able to fluently speak spanish, and hopefully be able to live in South America for at least a couple of years. I'd also like to become fluent in Czech, just for the fun of it!


I want to hear French as easily as I can hear English. I heard a Slovakian woman learning Russian recount how she was in Russia and overheard some people speaking Slovak but then realized, no it was Russian she just could understand it. I would like that kind of experience.


Mine are almost the same as yours!!!! I want to master a few European languages(French, Portuguese, Italian,danish),finish their trees and reverse trees and get to level 25. Good luck with yours!



Thank you! Good luck with your's

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