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What are your language learning dreams?!

My language learning dreams (pretty unrealistic) are to be almost natively fluent in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

On duolingo I want to have a 1000 day streak and be level 25 in the languages I listed above.

I also would like to get a good, high paying job (maybe in Germany).

What are your goals?

Thank you, Merci, danke, dank je, gracias, obrigado, grazie!!

January 10, 2018



My dreams are to be able to go to the country and make friends with native speakers or at least make friends with them online. I would love to be able to speak about any topic. I don't care if I make mistakes, but I have trouble just trying to form sentences. The only language besides English that I am actually well versed in is American Sign Language.


I want to be a linguist. The place I'm going to wants me to be able to speak at least one other language, so that's what I'm working on with Spanish. However, the language that spurred my language interest was Finnish. I made friends with a few Finnish artists and they would speak the language when I was in chats with them. It was the most beautiful language I'd ever heard, and that remains just as true today as it did when I was 10. So, while I love language, my biggest goal is to learn Finnish.


I'd want to be able to understand my relatives when they speak Turkish and possibly contribute. They got very excited when they found out I knew the word for bread so imagine how happy they'd be if they found out that I knew a lot more than that :D


As a fellow Turkish learner, I wish you success! Keep doing it! :D


Thanks Zatfel, your encouragement is much appreciated :)


I would like to be able to fluently speak spanish, and hopefully be able to live in South America for at least a couple of years. I'd also like to become fluent in Czech, just for the fun of it!


I want to hear French as easily as I can hear English. I heard a Slovakian woman learning Russian recount how she was in Russia and overheard some people speaking Slovak but then realized, no it was Russian she just could understand it. I would like that kind of experience.


Mine are almost the same as yours!!!! I want to master a few European languages(French, Portuguese, Italian,danish),finish their trees and reverse trees and get to level 25. Good luck with yours!



Thank you! Good luck with your's


Fluent spanish, live in South America for a year or two. Fluent Portuguese splitting my time between living in Brazil by the beach and Colombia/Ecuador in the mountains. Maybe Ill like other south american countries also, Ill need to explore them all.

Eventually learning basics of a couple languages, perhaps Japanese, or Korean.

All doable I feel plenty of time.

  • be fluent in 12 other languages in my lifetime (Specifically Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, Japanese, Korean, Zulu, Greek, Swahili, Arabic, Italian, Catalan and Thai).

  • Understand other languages at an intermediate level (at least).

  • Eventually I’d like a translation job (far future)

  • I also would like to live and retire in Sweden and travel several countries.


I've already achieved one of my dreams (being somewhat fluent in Spanish) and now my current goals for Duolingo are finishing/getting level 25 in all courses for Spanish speakers (French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Esperanto, Catalan and Guarani, possibly English, with Russian coming soon)

My language goal for now is just native-level fluency in Spanish. I know enough Spanish to talk without too many difficulties, but I'm still far from sounding native or being able to read 100% of extremely advanced works of literature. I also sometimes struggle with hearing it spoken by certain dialects.


I really, really like you goals! I wish you the best of luck!


I'd like to reach at least B2 in Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Yiddish, Spanish, Estonian, Norwegian, and maybe Korean, and become fluent in Japanese and Hebrew, but at the moment only Arabic and Japanese seem plausible.


I would like to reach a legit C1 (or at least a very strong B2) in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, an Arabic dialect, and Mandarin. I would like to be somewhat conversational in Italian, an African language (Swahili or Housa perhaps), Kannada, Malayalam and one or both of Tamil or Bangla.

As for Duo, to reach Level 25 in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian plus reach an 1825-day streak (five years). German is starting to get in sight, but the others will take a long while (Level 20 is still only half way!).


Good day mate, i like your goals


I am a native Polish/ English speaker. I would like to reach at least a B2 in Spanish, Italian, Russian and French (realistically I don't think I could maintain more than 6 languages and I live in Europe so other than German these are the most "useful" to know). My Spanish is getting close already, but I am pretty far off with the others still.

[deactivated user]

    None in particular... I'm learning German (a never-ending process) as a hobby and I am already 90% native-like fluent in English. I also know a word or two in my native language... ;)

    almost natively fluent in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

    Almost natively fluent? You're in for a LOT of work... but if you have the time and the commitment... why not?


    My language learning dream is to become fluent in 7 other different languages.
    Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.
    And maybe even Klingon, High Valyrian, and Esperanto.
    For duolingo, I want to have at least a 200 day streak.


    Hyperpolyglotism with the ability to move almost anywhere in Europe. I particularly want to move to Finland. I also want to be able to travel the world, particularly the Caucasus and Central Asia.

    Gracias, спасибо, dankon, teşekkürler, cảm ơn, tack, dzięki, köszi, danke, dank je, takk, ευχαριστώ, diolch, תודה, ありがたう, gràcies, tak, grazie, merci, 谢谢, 감사해요, kiitos, упсэу, aitäh, paldies, շնորհակալություն, მადლობა, təşəkkür edirəm, धन्यवाद. ধন্যবাদ, شکرا, شکریہ, مرسی, ташаккур, رەھمەت , rahmat, raxmet, rähmät, sag boluň, and ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ!


    I want to travel the world, and doing so I want to communicate with locals. Knowing every official language is unrealistic, so I am aiming for Duolingo fluency in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Italian within the next 2 years.

    When I get around to traveling, I want to understand every European language, and speak at least 5-7. My partner that I'll bring along will understand languages like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian for Asia. We'll both learn Spanish, French, Arabic, and Hindi.


    My dream is to finally start to understand the spoken English. Moreover, I want to learn more two languages.

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