Click on a word

We used to be able to click on a word and hear how it's pronounced. That no longer works. Now I have to listen to the complete sentence, and sometimes the speed of the speaker is too fast. Can I turn it back on again? Maybe add something in my profile that allows me to enable, or disable that feature.

January 10, 2018


are you learning new stuff or practicing old stuff it slowly gets harder as you go along and wont have as many words with dots under it.

I can recommend the (Duo-based) Norwegian course on Memrise – it's unofficial (and I'm not sure it has the whole new tree) and imperfect, but it allows you to focus on Duo's vocabulary, and there's audio too. I've found it really helpful.

there is this one too I don't know about the one from your link, but this one was updated when we moved to tree 3.0

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