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[Change request] Web profile achievements view broke profile page forname, surname, location, streak

Quote LeiferB: But I have some fears. I fear that Duo is either going to make this system completely broken, take an awesome feature off this site to make room for the system or break everything else on the friggin' site.

Yes, LeiferB's fear was right from the other thread!

Programmers actually broke the profile page with this new achievement layout.

I can not read anymore forename and surname (last-/ family name) from users.
Both fields have been removed

At least the block user button is STILL there, thanks (I know this was another problem from the many troubleshooting threads from the A/B tests before).

Looks like I have to shutdown my Portuguese clubs, as people there (on mobile) always set only the prename (or full name) and always overwrite their nickname, most of the time with even no picture added.

I can NOT click on a club member for the details or read the nickname in the club member view, as I can do with the 2nd dashboard tab (followed users) on the Android app (some fields were missing, always).

But now I can N O T find / check (match) anymore a new club member and visit their profile page on the full desktop web portal, e.g for language levels, weekly gained XPs, etc. :(
The member search function before on the web dashboard (limited to ~14 search result list, unscrollable in Firefox, Opera, Maxthron) or the Android app (better scrolling support, but most of the time users do not show up in the result list) was a joke!

Now it even get's "better" with new achievements (unusable)!!

Q: Is there any way for an opt-out or to manually add both profile fields back with a user script or user style for Stylish?

January 10, 2018



DuoLingo staff:

You also broke the profile fields:

  • streak (there is no flame on the right side anymore) when viewing other profiles

  • and probably also the field city/location (as I can not view it from other users anymore).

Can anyone verify the city / location field?


I can verify both streak and location info being missing from the profile page in the new view. The situation seems worse on a mobile browser; I could see nothing other the username and Follow button on your profile page from my iPhone browsers:

Safari (left) & Chrome (right)


Even the bio field is missing on the mobile view.

AFAIK you need to select "force full desktop view" on any mobile browsers.

Not all mobile browsers support this (e.g built-in Android quite often just ignores it or the DuoLingo code does not care and overwrite) "full desktop mode".

But you might have luck with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, maybe Safari, if you force the full desktop view (at least or bio).


Yes, I read about that before, but for some reason, even with the latest browser version on my iPhone 5s, Request Desktop Site doesn't seem to make the switch for all kinds of pages (for example, it switches the discussion post to desktop view, but not the profile page).


I was talking with some other mods recently. Some of us cannot see location and bio on the website profile page, but others can. It appears to be an A/B test unrelated to the new achievements.

I know that location and bio can be useful, but I also know they are frequently abused with young people putting their full name, address, age/grade in school - or with links to porn or hate speech.


Quote: Some of us cannot see location and bio on the website profile page, but others can. It appears to be an A/B test unrelated to the new achievements

Hi Lrtward,

Yes, I could do so before and NOW - with rolled out achievements ~1-2 days ago - I can not do anymore on my account.

Wow, even you and moderator team get limited? Ridiculous!

The programmers simply broke the new layout code or removed all code lines because of different reasons.

I still have high hopes, that this is just an accident and a "script god" can get those data back displayed, as it is not completely removed from the DuoLingo backend....or maybe DuoLingo staff fix the errors for themself.

How long is the error in the rolled out achievement / profile code?
Aren't they A/B testing for at least ~2-3 months the "web achievements"? With the same problems?!

And the old Python whitelist workaround unfortunately ONLY works with a few pages, but not when I open new user profiles in the URL while searching for club members or from my dashboard (followed users).

A new URL tab most of the times always completely reloads the whole page and disactivates the whitelist code workaround.


Yay for Duo!

They broke Duo yet again!

With a half-baked feature!

I am SO happy right now!

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