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Where to learn & practice specialized vocabulary? (equestrian terms in Japanese)

Hello Duolingo!

I'm an intermediate Japanese student halfway through her third year of Japanese study at university and currently in Japan for study abroad! I want to try to volunteer or work part time at a Japanese barn to get more opportunities to both participate in a Japanese immersion setting and to be able to be around horses (which I have some experience with already).

To be able to even begin to entertain the notion of applying however, I need to be able to be moderately conversational on equestrian terms in Japanese.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I might learn this, or resources to be found online which would enable me to practice comprehension for these terms?

Thank you!

January 10, 2018



Hello fellow equestrian :) It's quite difficult to find specific equestrian resources online (yes, I tried that too ;) ).

I'd recommend using a dictionary like Jisho to find terms you want to know. For example, start by looking up words containing "horse - 馬", since most of equestrian discipline terms contain it. Then maybe some terms like "saddle" and other equipment, and words and phrases specific for training and riding. If you google "馬術 - horse riding", Japanese wiki pages about dressage, show-jumping and other subdisciplines come up and there's a lot of terms there. I'm not advanced enough to read it, but if you're intermediate it'll probably be easier for you.

As for conversation, I imagine it's best learned by actually using and talking, there are probably many slang terms not listed online, specific for the equestrian environment.

Best of luck, being in Japan AND around horses sounds like living a dream ^.^


Thank you! I think I'm going to see if the local library here maybe has some children's non-fiction books on horses, as well!

I'm definitely at a point where if I know what we're talking about or writing about, I can be okay, but as soon as I understand 75% or less of what's going on, I'm lost and frustrated. Wiki pages are still a lot for me to take in!


Perhaps YouTube?


Hello! I am a japanese person abroad to learn English! I reccomend you go to the nearest local "書店” (bookshop) and buy a "小学生の辞書"(dictionaries for elementary- uses easy words but have good number of words) But the best way is to find the dictionary that suits you! Good luck.

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