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  5. "우리는 갈비찜을 먹어야 합니다."

"우리는 갈비찜을 먹어야 합니다."

Translation:We have to eat braised short ribs.

January 10, 2018



Why are there no tips for this lesson and all subsequent lessons? Are we supposed to guess the new grammar rules? (like "have to") Or is it just not done, yet?


Wouldn't surprise me if that only showed up after they overhaul the whole course with the new notes format that works on mobile


So is verb+야 합니다 = have to verb?


Yup, check my comments to your other questions.


Please add the link to the comment. Make the forum useful for everyone, not your personal space.


You're the man!


Is there a difference between 갈비 and 갈비찜? I think it is safe to assume that Koreans eat ribs baked or barbequed and not raw.


갈비 is cooked on a grill and that's that, but 갈비찜 was made in heaven and is infrequently shared with us mortals seeing as how most of the stores close.


갈비 = ribs (beef, veal or pork)

갈비구이 (aka "갈비" for short) = grilled / BBQ ribs

*-구이 suffix comes from 굽다, to roast.

찜 is the noun form of 찌다, to steam (cook by vapour)

갈비찜 = stewed/braised ribs

Korean cuisine has a vast variety of -구이 and -찜 dishes but beef dishes are usually quite expensive.


At once i heard "we have to eat the starlight"%)))))))))))))))

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