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Study Buddies Required :D

Hello everyone!

So I am slowly progressing up the language tree and I would love to connect with more people who are also learning. Those notifications that someone has overtaken you can be great motivation to do some more :D

If you would love to connect then feel free to, I will follow back!


January 10, 2018



I downloaded the app HelloTalk, so you can actually talk with people from the country of the language you're learning. They help you, and you help them. I met some people there and they do a fantastic job helping me


HelloTalk is an excellent resource (I use it myself as well as Tandem). But, I think the point of this post was just to ask for friends on here who are also studying Japanese.


Thanks for replying to the comment. I followed you back on this also :)


Yeah I already use HelloTalk and have met a few people who I talk to through it. I was only posting this as a way to meet new people who are also studying Japanese through this. As I study I can practice with people on HelloTalk.


hy! just hail when u depart to nippon, wanna join^^ and that was a joke, smiling allowed

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