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  5. "The dog is running."

"The dog is running."

Translation:Der Hund läuft.

January 10, 2018



Isn't laufen to walk and rennen to run????


to walk = gehen

to run = rennen

"laufen" is somewhere in between. Colloquially, it's more or less interchangeable with "to walk" as in "Ich laufe die Straße entlang" = "Ich gehe ..." = "I walk along the street". Doesn't need to be quick. "Gehen" isn't usually quick, so if you want to say you walk at a faster pace, you'd use "laufen".

In athletics, "10 km Gehen" = "10 km race walk"; and "laufen" ("to run"?), as opposed to "gehen", is when your feet are allowed to be both in the air at the same time (at least that's what they taught at my school).

If you "go running" as a sport, we'd either call it "joggen" or "laufen".

By the way, we use "walken", too (English pronunciation), for the sport of Nordic walking, with those "skiing" sticks.


There seems to be a lot of confusion over the verbs 'to run' and 'to race' also with 'to go' and to walk'. In Bavaria its common to use the word 'spazier' to walk as opposed to 'going' somewhere. To go somewhere you'd use the verb 'gehe', whereas to walk somewhere you'd use the verb 'spazier'. To run you'd use 'lauf' and to race a horse you'd use the verb 'renn' which explains why you have Rennplatz. I've never heard of a Laufplatz.
So you can say 'I am going to the station' or 'I shall walk to the station'. I run at the race track where I race against other people who also run there. I go running with my dog but he races me.

It's confusing to tell people that "going is walking" and "walking is going". The same goes for running and racing. It's either one or the other not a strange mix whereby a person learns that two different verbs mean exactly the same thing. To say 'Ich gehe, Tschüss' means you could climb into a taxis to be taken to the station. It does not mean specifically that you are going to walk off somewhere.


rennen is to run Why do I use lauft????


Why does Duolingo call umlauts accents? I put laüft by mistake and they told me to "watch my accents!"


When i use laufen with "a" and when with "ä"? I have seen both options here


Lauft - walk Rennen - run

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