"There are two menus on the table."

Translation:Sunt două meniuri pe masă.

January 10, 2018

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why "Doua meniuri sunt pe masa" doesn't work ?


It's a bit of a nuance. Here's the difference:

  • Sunt două meniuri pe masă. = There are two menus on the table.
  • Două meniuri sunt pe masă. = Two menus are on the table.


Is there a trick to predict which plurals end with "i", which end with "uri", and which end with "e"? Thank you


Go to the website version, it gives you tips before each lesson. This one spells out exactly how each of those endings (and some others) are applied. (I realise your comment was a year ago but you may not have found it.) I literally copied it out in a book and have been referring to it all through this section. I'd have been lost without it :)


Shouldn't 'the table' be masa, not masă? And therefore am I right in thinking the answer is 'sunt două meniuri pe masa'...?


Please, read the comments first.

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