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  5. "How bland is that chicken?"

"How bland is that chicken?"

Translation:그 치킨은 얼마나 싱거워요?

January 10, 2018



how does one distinguish between 얼마나 and 어떻게?


얼마나 is "how _" as in to what extent, like how much. 어떻게 is a methodical "how"

얼마나 걸려? - how long does it take? // 어떻게 해? = how do you do it?

In this sentence if you said 치킨은 어떻게 싱거워? it sounds like "how is it possible that the chicken is bland??" as if you were the cook.


Can we use 닭 instead of 치긴 here?


Yes, you can also use 닭고기.


Google translate says this means how fresh is this chicken? Bland and fresh are different things. So I'm wondering if Korean just doesn't have a concept of bland? Our of Google translate doesn't understand the sentence?


I never trust google translate. It's translations are very off!

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