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How do I get strength bars in Duolingo?

My friend and I have got Duolingo, but both of our options and layouts are different. We both are running the same android version, but he has some awesome strength bars and I've got levels/crowns. How can I get the strength bars so I know how good I'm doing? I don't know how good I'm doing with a specific subject or what I should improve on. He also has procentage of how fluid he is, I don't. How can I get his layout? It seems so much more awesome!

January 10, 2018



Believe me, the levels/crowns are much cooler than the strength bars and are a better measure of how good your skills are. It's a new feature being tested; you're one of the lucky few that has that feature. There is no way to switch which side of the test you're on, and it's not like it matters; the feature will be released for all in the coming months.

Also the fluency measure is only available for certain languages (Spanish being one of them), unless having the new feature scraps that. It is highly inaccurate anyway, so don't worry about it.


Skill levels / crowns are AWESOME!!!! I got to be part of the test group for crowns on the Android app and I love them. I can't wait until they are available on the website.


Oh okay! That's good I guess! Thanks!

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