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  5. "Is that bad?"

"Is that bad?"

Translation:Ist das schlecht?

January 10, 2018



It is very unlikely that "böse" is the correct translation in this context. "böse" is referring to people with an evil nature, whereas "schlecht" describes things of bad quality or eligibility. In the sentence "Is THAT bad?" I assume an object, thing or circumstance is meant, but not a person.

Hope that helps :)

Edit: There is an additional meaning to "schlecht" - you can use it to describe a person. Then it basically has the meaning of "böse".


Is "es" in place of "das" not acceptable? My answer "Ist es schlecht?" got rejected.


I thought in yes or no questions the verb came first .


Thats what I learned in my German class. There could be exceptions but I'm not sure about this.


In my opinion "Ist das schlimm?" should also be accepted as a right answer.


Why is "es ist schlecht" not acceptable?


"Es ist schlecht" is a statement, and in this exercise they are looking for a question - this would be "Ist es schlecht?"

It is the same in english: "It is bad" is a statement, whereas "Is it bad?" is the question.

Hope this helps.


Is "ist es schlecht?" an incorrect way of putting it? or is that just duolingo filtering or something


Kann man nicht, "Ist es schlimm?" sagen?


I would like to know why the answer doesn't have the verb come first. Isn't that usually how questions are asked in German?


What's wrong with "böse"? I thought it meant "evil".

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