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Korean success? New user here.

I y'all!

I am wondering for those who have started the Korean lessons, how helpful they have been?

I am planning on moving to Korean this summer for a year to teach, and was just wondering if anyone had any tips! Like, how much studying is too much? I'm new to language study!

Thanks, Andii

January 10, 2018




Duolingo is very helpful with the basics and even some intermediate stuff. It's also very helpful for reading practice. As for how much study is too much, it depends on the person. Some people can study for a couple of days and start forming sentences just about then. Others might take a week to remember how to say "hello". But most of us are in-between and there's no wrong way to do it. A good way to know; if you're doing worse than you were 30-60 minutes ago, take a break, and if you return and can't think even then, you have studied to your limit for the day. Also try different ways of studying; I like bulk study (studying as much as you can about a specific subject in one session) and media immersion (listening to or reading books, music and TV in you target language) for language study.


Thank you very much!

I especially like the idea of media immersion-- fun and helpful!


I envy you moving to Korea . Since your learning needs are fairly urgent, I suggest you supplement Duolingo a great deal. The DL course is new and they are still getting the "bugs" out. Learn Hangul on Youtube. If you surf the Korean discussions you will find suggestions for all kinds of free sites. My personal favorite is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO5vfF8ZrOAt=84s (He has 40,000 followers) but there are at least 5 really good Youtube sites for the Korean alphabet and other aspects of the language.

DL will help reenforce those and make you learn to type and spell correctly. The only risk to studying too much is burnout, and I think your anticipation will keep that from happening, so if you have time, go for it. The above site probably has enough material to keep you occupied until summer, but You might want to do some intensive grammar study on "How to study Korean," which I doubt you will be able to finish by summer, but it will give you a good start. There are Memrise courses developed to reenforce the vocab in that course. By spring, you should be watching 3-4 hours of Korean Drama each day to train your ear to the language, to give you great cultural insight, and beause they are fantastic. VIki is a very inexpensive site ($5/mo) that has korean subtitles for lots of the films. Good luck!


Wow, thank you for the great incite! I will definitely check out the Youtube sites, as well as the "How to study Korean" course. I don't have to be fluent when I arrive, as the program is going to provide intensive study for the first few months. Yet, having a solid background will definitely be to my advantage. I appreciate the advice, Roberto!


Yesterday, Chaang posted more sources than any of us could use in a lifetime. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25843190


Well, I don't think there's a standard about how much studying is too much. But it is important to understand each lesson you study.

Uh, and about the Korean lessons in here, they are pretty helpful, but I just use them to learn vocabulary than gramar.

I am sorry if I misspelling something wrong, I'm not a native english speaker gg


Thank you for the advice!

By the way, your english is good-- only advice I have: you said "misspelling something wrong" but you do not need the word "wrong" because the word "misspelling" already indicates wrongness.


Since it is a beta version still I recommend you to use this in addition to Duolingo.


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