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I have a question (This IS serious)

I am a Japanese person and so knows everything. But it denyed my answer "the weather is good today"(今日の天気はいいですね)and said i needed nice not good. i found it very very annoying Can you do something to fix this please.

January 10, 2018




The Japanese course is not perfect yet. It usually wants certain answers. For example, you learn that "ね" at the end of the sentence means "...isn't it?". Then, in the next lessons you should use "isn't it", even if another answer is also correct. That is because the course may not accept it, it expects you to use what you learned and translate every word.

今日の天気はいいです。 - "The weather is good today" (your answer)

But, for your answer, the course would say: 今日の天気はいいです。


The course will accept:

今日の天気はいいです 「?」 - "The weather is good today, isn't it?" (accepted answer)

If you see a mistake in a sentence, please click "report" - the flag icon. You would be very helpful! :)


I have recently posted about this same problem. Japanese order is flexible but Duolingo is not. also there are many strange translations!


ですね isn't it? not sure about the nice not good...


There are still many rough edges to polish off in this course. Your answer should be accepted. The best thing to do is to 'report' that your answer should have been accepted when you encounter such an issue. 面倒ですが、よろしくお願いします;)

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