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I am starting Romanian, any tips?

I'm starting to learn Romanian and I'm planning to be at a B2/C1 level in a year or two. Any resources, tips, or suggestions?


January 10, 2018



Start on the Romanian tree here first, as that will give you the basics and a feel for the language while you work on vocabulary and grammar. I would use something like Tinycards or Memrise to learn the vocabulary on the tree as they really help to drill the vocabulary in and make it stick.

Once you have finished the tree, start reading Romanian news websites, watching Romanian YouTubers, listen to Romanian radio etc. Passive learning can only get you so far, so you need to get exposure to the language to improve. At the same time as this, I would keep learning more advanced vocabulary and consider picking up a Romanian grammar book as they really help if you have any grammar questions you need to look into.

Hope this helps!


Oooh, thanks for your detailed answer. Have a few lingots!! :D


Great advice even for people studying other languages! Danke!


I have actually been speaking Romanian since I learned to talk. It is my native language, and if you want, I can help. I am very fluent in Romanian.


I have a tip that will help anyone! Make sure you work your hardest at anything you do!


Haha that's definitely a good tip thank you =)


I really want to lern Romanian too, but right now I am focusing on Italian. From what I can tell Romanian seems to be the one that differs the most from the other romance languages. For example definite articles come at the ending of a word instead of putting something like "la" at the beginning.


One method to consider: work enough on the Romanian from English tree to get a good feel for the pronunciation and basic grammar points. Then master the English from Romanian tree methodically skill by skill, moving on when you can easily get good marks in timed practices (say 17+ out of 20) with minimal hint use. You'll be typing mostly in Romanian on the reverse tree, so it's a greater challenge, but things will stick so much faster. Granted, I base this on experience in other languages than Romanian, but I think it is a general phenomenon.

When skill levels are introduced, the reasoning for this method will (hopefully) be much reduced, but that might not be for 3 or 4 months yet, which is a big chunk of a compressed timetable like yours. And when those do come out you'll be able to concentrate on whatever areas you still need more effectively than you could now.

Of course, it goes without saying you'll need to get beyond Duolingo at a certain point. I find podcasts a very convenient medium. There are additional things out there to support you as you start reading authentic content. LingQ and BliuBliu have some content for Romanian. These are sites that basically retain a database of your known and unknown words and highlight new things you're reading appropriately. You can also import your own content. LingQ has a pretty sophisticated system for saving definitions, etc. for unknown words (I'm less familiar with BliuBliu) so it's there for you at a simple mouse click (or tap on a smartphone). There's also an open-source version: http://lwt.sourceforge.net/ Having not tried it, I don't know how easy it is to get started going in. Of course you can also try an eReader with linked dictionaries or ReadLang, which provide the ready dictionary aspect but not the help highlighting words as yet unknown to you.


Thanks! This was the kind of answer I was looking for so have a few lingots :)


Oh, and converse :)

There are a lot of things (websites, apps, and more apps) to facilite conversation exchanges. Just Google that phrase if you're not familiar.

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