What is 입니다?

I see it attached to the end of some words to sort of say something is the word 입니다 is attached to. Is that the proper use or do I have it wrong?

January 10, 2018


-입니다 is an agglutinative form of 이다 (to be). If you are on the computer, read the tips and notes by scrolling down (from the Basics 1 tips and notes):


The verb ~이다 is the only verb that is agglutinative.

English Korean

(It) is X. X입니다.

Y is X. Y가/는 X입니다.

In the speech level (more about that later) we're using at this point in the course, this verb will always be realized as ~입니다 for a statement. When the subject is well implied in the context, you may freely drop it in Korean. However, please submit full sentences when you do exercises because they don't come with any contexts."

January 10, 2018

메리입니다 = It is Mary 토요일입니다 = It is Saturday (토요일=Saturday) 크리스마스입니다 = It is Christmas 제 강아지 입니다 = It is my puppy (제=my) 제 인생입니다 = It is my life (life=인생) 제 선택입니다 = It is my choice (choice=선택) 제 아내입니다= She is my wife (아내=wife, spouse) 제 남편입니다=He is my husband (남편=husband)

입니다 = 이다

입니다: polite form (used when talking to someone older, more senior or you met for the first time)

이다: casual form

January 18, 2018
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