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Tips on learning/memorizing Korean?

Anyone have some good tips for learning Korean? I literally just started learning and it’s already hard for me to remember the “eu” symbol and “eo” symbol difference. Thanks! :3

January 10, 2018



I have just stumbled across an Android app called "Infinity Korean" (free of charge, but with ads, apparently), which is basically a game where you have to shoot meteors before they hit the ground by hitting the right variant. I think it also has a section of hangeul letters. It will surely help -- and you will have the gamification aspect. (I am in no way related to that app except that I have downloaded it by accident.)

There have been TV shows by arirang tv in (some sort of) English which addressed Korean learners. You will find their videos online. The series is called Let's Speak Korean, and each series is different and meant for another audience than the other. And, in general, you cannot find any better resources than with Talk To Me In Korean. They have a web site and are pretty active on YouTube.

Fun fact: In primary school, little Koreans learn King Sejong's alphabet through song and mimicking the letters by some sort of dance...


To memorize similar looking symbols, you can memorize words with them in it such as milk (우유). I don't know if this will help but, King Sejong (세종대왕) did base our language off the way the mouth and vocal cords look like when pronouncing the symbols. This was helpful when I helped friends learn Korean so I hope this helps. PS: Reading Webtoon without the English translation may help or browse through Naver!


I used the Memrise app for 10 months before I started using Duolingo, which was very helpful for learning words and getting used to reading/listening. I had just finished the 1000 most used Korean words course when I switched and I will probably work it back into my regular practice when I'm finished with the currently available material on Duolingo. I plan to move on to the 1001-2000 most used Korean words. Their self provided material is great up until the 4th or 5th course, but I don't particularly care for their choice of study words and phrases, so I switched to user generated courses afterwards.


My first tip would be to listen to words and learn the characters that way since the romanization system for Korean isn't 100% accurate. Also learn clusters and bat-chim using real words like 개 (dog) and 사랑 (love).


No romanization system is anywhere accurate. Consider English, for example! "We steal from everybody!"

Then there are the romanization systems that only make sense to native speakers. Japanese kunrei and Chinese pinyin spring to mind.

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