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Keeping streak going.

I've managed a 200+ day streak and was determined to get to 365 at least. However, I'm now going on a sea trip, which means some consecutive days without internet. I guess it's not really important but it is annoying. ;-(

January 10, 2018



Streaks may be addictive, but remind yourself that the reason you came to Duolingo initially was to learn languages, and it looks as though you're doing a good job of it. Enjoy your trip!


Yes, you're right. I'll prob just be a bit lazy about getting started again when I get back. ;-)


That hurts, but I may be able to help. You can ask someone who you trust to do a lesson each day to keep your streak.


I lost mine (500+) when traveling, and I wouldn’t have traded that trip for a 5000 day streak. Relax and have fun!


Yes, you're right. I wouldn't lose the trip for anything. First world problems, I guess. ;-)


That stinks, but have fun on your trip!


Ask a friend to help you out

[deactivated user]

    Change your daily goal to 1 xp and ask a friend to fill in for you.


    Is there actually a way to get less than 10 xp? I thought even basic lessons gave 10?


    If you do timed practice you only need to get 1 question right and you get 1 XP.


    Let me earn Streak for you.


    Aw man! I know how you feel! I want to get a one year streak as well but because of something I'm doing this summer, that won't be possible. Just go as far as you can.....200+ is huge though. Nice work! You got there once, you can totally do it again :)


    Some ships have internet via satelite but they usually charge you a lot of money for the priveledge.


    Yes, it's extortionate!

    [deactivated user]

      That probably pretty disappointing :c

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