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dueling french/understanding what the woman says

I can't get passed the test skill 1 as I rarely can understand everything the woman says. Is there a way to "carry on" to the next level?

January 10, 2018



you can click "can't listen now" to skip listening exercises for the next hour


You could turn off the speaker, but I would recommend that you use the listening questions. A large part of learning and eventually being fluent in a language is listening... being able to talk with someone and listen to the language. (Learning a language involves writing, reading, speaking, and listening, and often culture is a nice touch.) If you're having trouble, you'll find a slower option so that you can listen to the word/phrase/sentence in a slower manner so that you may understand it. (If you're on a mobile device there'll most likely be a separate button to select. On desktop you just have to click the listen button again soon after listening to it the first time.)

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