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"We set the spoons and chopsticks."

Translation:우리는 수저를 차렸습니다.

January 10, 2018



In korea sometimes 숟가락 is called 수저 but 수저 means 숟가락 and 젓가락


There actually seems to be a double mistake; 1) It rejected the translation without subject (uri) even though the subject isn't required in Korean 2) Uri isn't even correct here, it is informal language while ~smnida is formal. I suggest, either use "jeo-'i-d'l" instead of "uri" or some informal form like "charyeotta" instead of "charyeoss'mnida".


The English sentence doesn't make it clear what tense this is in. Hope a moderator can clarify this or allow present tense answers! :)


Chopsticks means "젓가락" not just '수저' . 수저 mean is spoon.


수저 means "chopsticks and spoon" – in other words "cutlery" because Korean cutlery typically consists of these two items. The word comes from the older words 술 (spoon) + 저(箸). The modern words for the individual pieces of cutlery is the old words + 가락 "rod" (although the ㄹ of 줄 changed to ㄷ in the process, while 젓가락 had a ㅅ inserted as part of a regular composition rule).


I thought 젓가락 meant chopsticks and 숟가락 meant spoon. So, 수저 is a contraction of both leading to the "spoons and chopsticks" translation. No?

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