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  5. "He can never eat kimchi."

"He can never eat kimchi."

Translation:그는 김치를 결코 못 먹어요.

January 10, 2018



그는 김치를 결코 못먹어요 seems weird. 결코's meaning includes will. 그는 김치를 전혀 못먹어요 is a common expression for Koreans


So you think that using 전혀 is better? me too.


그는 결코 김치를 못 먹어요 is right too.


In a previous sentence, I put 결코 right before the verb, and it was marked wrong and said to put it right after the subject. So in this sentence I put 결코 right after the subject, and it was marked wrong. I will report that both answers should be accepted.


'결코' is an emphasized word usually for promise or oath. It should not use in a general sentence like that.


In a previous question 저는 결코 그렇게 못 합니다 is the only accepted solution. 결코 in 2nd place. Now 그는 결코 김치를 못 먹어요 is not accepted. WHY?


'결코' is'never' meaning that includes will, and 'Never' in general is'절대'. Not being able to eat kimchi is an expression of the state, not the will, so It is more natural to say '절대'.


Songhyun, 고맙습니다. Maybe it is a bit far-fetched, but perhaps he wants to eat Kimchi to impress his friends ... What is your opinion about the position of the adverb?


In conclusion, the'저는 결코 김치를 못 먹어요' is also the right place.


Many thanks :-) I see you are learning Spanish. If you have any questions, ask me.


De nada/ 천만에요


would you kindly clarify what the idiom means in english?


Oh sorry. I misunderstood the question. Both positions are correct for this question. In the last question, it feels more natural to be placed in the second place ('저는 그렇게 결코 못해요' is something weird), I think the reason is because'그렇게 못 해요' is used like an idiom in Korean.


I hope you reported that your answer should also be correct. I reported that same thing and commented above about 3 weeks ago.


Hi Pamela. Yes, but I think the moderators are often on holiday, or sleeping.


or busy with their paying jobs---Many of the moderators are volunteers.


두 문장 모두 정답으로 채택되어야 합니다.

그는 김치를 결코 못 먹어요. 보다 그는 김치를 전혀 못 먹어요. 가 일상적인 상황에 더 들어 맞습니다. 또한 실질적으로 한국에서는 "전혀 못 먹어요" 가 더 보편화 되어있습니다. 공부하시는 외국인 학생들 에게 혼란이 야기 될 수 있어 걱정 되네요.

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I agree your opinion


I used 절대 instead of 결코. Was marked wrong.

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