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  5. "Do you need my newspapers?"

"Do you need my newspapers?"

Translation:Brauchst du meine Zeitungen?

January 11, 2018



Shouldn't it be meinen? Since "the newspapers" is the direct object. HELP


die Zeitung is feminine-- the accusative case here is meine.


why not???????? Brauchen Sie meine zeitungen


Indeed! That was my answer as well, but apparently wrong


This is a good question.


Why can't we use the formal 'sie' here instead of 'du' ?


You can, you've just got to make sure that you're using Sie, not sie. The S is capitalized. If it is lowercase, it means they or she, depending on the verb conjugation.


Weil DL in dem Jahr, in dem ich dabei bin, IMMER im Satz das höfliche SIE mit einen großen "S" begonnen hat. Nur am Satzanfang ist das DU und SIE nicht erkennbar.


Doing a warm up / strengthening of skills and came across this Translate sentence of "Do you need my newspapers?" the "correct" response it provided me with when I was incorrect was "Benötigt ihr meine Zeitungen?." I've never see Benötigt before in my life. Duo, yudodis?


When you make a mistake, Duo suggests you an acceptable sentence at random - not always the 'default' answer that you see when viewing the discussion page. The verb benötigen is a little more formal (kind of like "require"), but is an acceptable translation. The English sentence also doesn't make clear whether you're talking to one or more people, so any of the three "you" forms could be used in German.


Why is it du and not dich? thanks


It is the subject of the sentence. The person who "needs", not the thing needed.

Ich brauche dich : "I need you" Du brauchst mich : "You need me"

Incidentally it's similar to what happens in English for the 1st and 3rd person: I vs. me, he/she vs. him/her. In German it applies to the 2nd person as well.


Brauchen Sie meine Zeitungen? Brauchen Sie is listed as one of answers. Why is it wrong?


why not Braucht ihr mein zeitung

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