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Is there any way to report bad translations?

I have come across quite a few faulty translations in this course, but I don't see any way to flag them.

Are the translations made by people or AI?

Some are just straight up broken English, others are just rigid in the wording when I know for a fact that it would be commonly translated differently.

Another issue is that Japanese is quite flexible in word order, however duolingo does not seem to recognize this. It's frustrating trying to strengthen to compensate for these mistakes only to have more pop up.

January 11, 2018



Usually there’s a report button on the ribbon that pops up after you answered a question.


Thanks a lot. Not sure how I missed that.


if in app, use flag to state why yuo think/know translation is incorrect, etc.

Depending on ał

[deactivated user]

    If you're offline in the mobile apps, the report button won't show up.

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