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Are notifications gone or just for some people?

Sorry beforehand for posting this in the General Duolingo rather than in the Troubleshooting, but it appeared as though nobody wanted to respond to my thread in Troubleshooting and things typically get noticed more here, from what I have noticed. I'll move it if a mod asks me to.

My original post got 7 upvotes, so I assume at least that many people have the same problem.

I, along with several other users, have not received any notifications for responses for a few months, not in the bell or on email. I am wondering if it was messed up for some people in the update a few months ago. I have checked to make sure all of my notifications are checked on "yes" in my profile, and I still never get notified of responses. I cannot seem to find anything on this issue, just for people who want to turn them off.

So did the removal of Activity also have something to do with being notified of responses on forums/discussion sections? Was it purposefully removed? Is it another bug that was caused by the big forum update a while ago? If it's fixable, how do I fix it? Here is my thread from a few days ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25794751


January 11, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I've been here for 500 or so days. Can confirm they used to be there until a few months ago with the website redesign.


    There have not been notifications for comments/responses in threads since I started 70 days ago. I heard there used to be, must have been removed at some point.

    If I had to guess it was to cut down on chatter, let threads die and new ones replace it. My solution is following threads I'm having a conversation in and checking them, un-following after a day or two. Only method we have.


    I see. It would be strange of Duolingo's part to remove it because of its "social media" aspect considering people ask legitimate language questions here all the time, so I think it might just be a bug they haven't fixed. Also it appears as though my follow button for threads doesn't notify me of anything either. The method I use is just refreshing the page, like what LICA98 said.


    I have the same problem. It feels a bit hopeless now to ask questions on sentence discussions because I never know when ( or if ) they are answered. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    [deactivated user]

      Isn't the Follow Discussion button working for you?


      The follow discussion button is broken for me. It still does not notify me, so that might be another issue with some users.

      [deactivated user]

        That's really crap... that makes following discussions almost impossible given the structure of this forum.

        This forum has an awkward format for engaging in discussions... even the most interesting threads end up disappearing in 2/3 days and we end up getting the same subjects again and again on the top discussions. I don't blame people who start them because the lack of a proper structure makes it hard for them to search for the information they need.

        Anyway, hope the follow discussion button comes to life for you.

        [deactivated user]

          I'm a recent forum user and receive e-mail notification everytime someone posts something on a discussion where I've hit the "follow discussion" button.

          Then again not sure if I'm talking about the same thing as the OP...

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