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I just found out that I'm German. Almost

I started learning German 4 days ago just for the curiosity. At the same time I made a Genealogical research to know more about my Ancestry history. To my surprise I found out that my great-great-grandmother had a German last name! I always thought that I'm a purebred Lithuanian. Such a nice coincidence :) I have a few drops of German blood in my veins. This is the work of Jesus my friends :D hahaha These news forced me to not to be a lazy twat and fully devote to the German language.

I apologize for my English.

January 11, 2018



Your English is just fine and congratulations for learning yet another foreign language.


Whoa! That's great!!!

And your English is fine.


That's awesome!

No need to apologize for your English, I personally couldn't find any mistakes.


Happy learning and congratulations to you! I hope you find lots of joy in learning German.


Well, germans (and so german names) werent rare in the entire Baltikum preWW2. IIRC the majority of the nobles were german.

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