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Testing out questions don't make any sense.

First, I took the placement test and answered about 60-70% correctly. Upon completion it told me that I didn't test out of anything and needed to start with basic the basic 한글 lessons after correctly answering questions involving complete sentences in Korean.

Then, I went to test out of the individual alphabet lesson. HOW DOES IT MAKE ANY SENSE THAT IN ORDER TO TEST OUT OF THE ALPHABET LESSONS THAT I DEFINE THE WORDS 노래, 개미, and 도넛 REPETITIVELY. LIKE 20 Questions only on these 3 words.....for a section on alphabet comprehension.....

I know this is supposed to be in beta, but this is unbelievable levels of awful at the moment.

January 11, 2018



Words are taught in the alphabet skills in order to show learners how syllables / words are formed from the individual letters being taught. If you're getting repetitive testing out sessions, it's simply because only a few words are taught in each of the alphabet skills - since test-outs are 20 questions per skill, there's bound to be a lot of repetition.

As for you not getting tested out of any skills - the testing out feature has always been pretty buggy IMO, a lot of people have had problems with it. Personally, a while back I tried testing out of the Turkish course, I made about 2 mistakes and only tested out of about 6 skills. I restarted the course and tested out again, again making about 2 mistakes, but this time tested out of about 25 skills.

The course is still in beta, and the first few skills (the alphabet ones) make use of a new style of exercises for learning writing systems. The best thing you can do is to be patient while going through the course - unless you don't want to come across bugs or missing translations, in which case you should probably look for other resources to use until the course is out of beta.


i was thinking test out requires 90-100% to test out? I will look in discussions and faqa.

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