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Tinycards - yes... no... maybe...

[deactivated user]

    So, Tinycards has been available for some months now, and it would be nice to know what you think about it.

    What are its pro's and con's... how do you rate it on a scale to 10?

    I've made a deck on German animals (it's on the German channel should you be interested) to try it out. My opinion:


    • Easy to use
    • Very good graphs (though I could live without the smiling cards... I'm an adult after all)
    • Ability to add sounds and images to the cards


    • No stats
    • Lessons are too short
    • No quality control

    While this is a clear improvement over the old flash cards system, I sometimes feel that I'm using a product designed for school kids. The visuals are very compelling and you can build a deck in a blink of an eye... but there is a lot of room to improve to make it a more robust system. Incidentally I feel more compelled to build decks for people to use than to use them myself.

    My rating - 6 out of 10

    Over to you.

    January 11, 2018



    Honestly I find Memrise a better choice for high quality sets, but my issue is that there is no mobile app course creation. Normally that wouldn't stop me from making courses on Memrise but the mobile site is absolute TRASH. That's why I develop on TinyCards instead. It's fairly new (more than Memrise) and it has potential for growth, unlike Memrise, which is currently going down the toilet.


    It's great for memorizing and practicing stuff, but it overall has a lot of room for improvement:

    One of my biggest issues is how you can't customize your experience; only the creator can do that. It's be much better if the learner instead of the creator, could choose whether they want to type or not, whether they want to practice both sides or only one, and whether they want their typos to be accepted or not.

    And I wish you could disable audio for other decks- There's no need to hear the horrible English TTS when they don't have the TTS for the language your deck teaches, especially with the English TTS for Japanese and Korean decks. Also for the English translation on the other side; we already know how to pronounce it, better than the TTS does.

    There should also be Audio questions (that can be disabled, of course.)

    There should be an option to report the whole deck, instead of certain cards. I've definitely seen some inappropriate, completely incorrect, or at least, useless decks.

    A comment section, or a feedback section, or heck, any way to send messages to the creator would be awesome. It would be easier to report errors, give feedback, etc.

    Also, there's this bug that makes it seem like someone else is practicing my private decks. It disappears after two seconds, but it's really annoying.

    It'd also be great if I could organize my decks into categories, like "Korean," "Finnish" Etc.

    Also, this one isn't not really necessary, it's just be cool to have, and it doesn't really lower the site's quality, but I'd like to be able to see who's practicing my decks. Just an idea.

    Overall, 6.9/10.


    I want audio uploading so bad! It's a must for most languages, especially the Languages of the Caucasus.


    Yesss! Please!


    Lack of QA is a huge issue for me. It’s mostly user-generated and many decks have errors. I’m only using it for Hiragana. I give it 4/10. Very good resource, but use with caution.


    I'd say 4/10. I like the concept, so I tried it as soon as it was available, then soon stopped. My problems with it are 1)t I'd prefer a quicker (maybe text or csv) method to create decks. One word at a time is slow and annoying. 2) I'd like to be able to update multiple decks at a time, so that I can easily rearrange words into topics I'm interested in. 3) I would like an 'or' option - many words have multiple meanings.


    I think that if we were able to give a rating to each lesson for that the others see, it could be better.


    Useful. I use the original ones to work on spelling for Russian and German. Also use it for the Japanese and sign languages. Since I don't use other sources I don't have a number.

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