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Friends - what are they good for?

[deactivated user]

    About the friends feature... other than having the leaderboard with their xp's what else can you do with the feature?

    Even though Duolingo is not a social network, (nor I am a big fan of those), I though we would be able to message our friends... or see a more insightful information about their progress... or even follow the posts they make and discussions they create ... in fact something more substantial than just seeing their xp's count.

    I've have friended some of you probably because you have said something I thought interesting, or I found you have a positive presence in the forums... and will probably friend some more... but the I'm still not getting the full scope of this feature. In its current form is kind of underwhelming.

    Similarly I would like to thank everyone who friended me. We can't do much with it but it's appreciated.

    So... any help on how to further use this friends feature?

    January 11, 2018



    Before we were able to see and like the achievements of our friends, it was funny


    A lot of people use it as a gesture of friendship. It's cool, but not useful.

    It is great for motivation though, especially as I'm following a lot of polyglot wannabes, over-achievers, and competitive people. :)


    Good Question! Since Duolingo discontinued the stream where we can talk to each other, it seems now to have developed into a popularity thing. I really think it's a shame. I had learned so much from the native German speakers who were gracious enough to help me. I would always thank someone for following me, now I can no longer even do that. Yes, I know trolls were abusing the feature, but I never thought Duo would take the drastic step of abolishing something that was so helpful to so many.


    I don't know, I just try to be ahead of my friends.


    Having friends does seem a bit useless when there isn't much you can do with it. Its always fun to try and get at the top of the weekly leaderboard but that does get a little old after a while. I hope they bring messaging back soon. It would be nice to actually communicate with others, and not just in the forum, which isn't really even supposed to be for friendly conversation (even though some of us do use it for that somewhat, I won't lie).


    they should make it so we can do challenges with our friends


    When I followed the first friend I thought I would be able to see more comments on Irish grammar made by him. It took me some time to notice that this was not the case. I had to go through all posts in the sentence discussions to learn as much as possible but it surely was worth doing it.

    Now I just hope that one day we will be able to talk to our friends and that is what I am waiting for. ;*-)


    When I followed the first friend I thought I would be able to see more comments on Irish grammar made by him.

    Alas, this is how it used to work, and it really was an excellent way to learn.


    I can imagine it was great... Now, when I do my lesson I read through all comments for the sentences and try to get as much information as possible. In the Irish course, that's all right as there are mainly post concerning grammar or vocabulary, well, and some funny ones, too. But in Spanish I don't open the comments very often since there seems to be so many post like: Hi, I am learning Spanish and so on. I even had one sentence where it said 948 posts..

    I learn a lot more by posts and I can not say why. Maybe it is because I feel someone is talking to me and I can relate better to the subject.


    I completely agree. Now I hope that we will be able to see at least the achievements on the profile and then maybe more, the discussions (like you say) or other small features. For the discussions, it was avaible on mobile but not anymore because they were some problems.


    They said they would replace the Activity Stream with something facilitating communication. Maybe they yet will, and in a more broad-based manner than clubs. Should that happen, those I have followed would be among those I'd most like to communicate with.


    I have no idea. Seems meaningless at the moment. But ok, if someone befriends me, I befriend them. What I would like to do is to follow a few folks that are native speakers of the language/s I am interested in. It definitely not always speed up my learning process, but it very often leads into some small fascinating detail where I can spend some hours of this precious life.


    It's a strange attitude for duolingo to drag their feet on this issue since language is all about communication. I want to follow people who are interested in the same languages I am, to eventually becoming penpals. Otherwise what's the point, we are merely playing a word game.


    I am a new user and I am wondering the same!, I just started following a few people who are native Spanish speakers since it is the language I am learning. I would like to talk to them, practice mi spanish skills with them and they can practice English with me.


    When we had activity streams. We could post messages on our friends streams. We were also alerted of their activity and achievements by clicking on the activity button. Duolingo has been unable to support this feature since nearly a year ago. Now there is no point having the friends feature.


    You can pretend to be popular.

    [deactivated user]

      I currently see two reasons for friends - to get the achievement badges and to i like to keep an eye on xp points as motivation to do just a little bit more.


      Bring it back!


      I know, right! I want to use the friends feature with my family and friends to learn better together, you know, like Hey sist! Did you do your today's Swedish lesson? And even be able to help each other on difficult subjects. I mean... 2 years later the publication of this thread, I'm asking duolingo, PLEASE! Make friends feature more friendly and interactive. I will rather be able to talk, share and motivate my friends actively than only looking at their rankings :)


      Yeah, they're really useless on here, unless you're both in the same clubs and can interact with one another in there.


      it would be cool if you could quiz your friends or compete with them in little side games. i know this post was made a while ago but with covid that could be a really great feature! i really hope this actually happens!

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