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  5. "저는 곧 침대보를 세탁합니다."

"저는 침대보를 세탁합니다."

Translation:I am going to wash the bed sheet soon.

January 11, 2018



침대보 is a bed sheet, not a duvet. I have just fixed the translation. We are sorry for the confusion.


침대보 was introduced as bedsheet but now the mouse-over says duvet?


Yes, it uses both. That is kind of funny because sheets and duvets are different, but I just go with whichever word is available. LOL


The future tense is strange here. Could "I soon wash a duvet" work?


"I soon wash a duvet" sounds very unnatural in English. Sometimes tense is a little weird translating directly using formal polite endings. Regardless of politeness, future can be implied, although sometimes it is included anyway. 곧 합니다 sounds more sincere/immediate than 곧 할겁니다, although 곧 하겠습니다 sounds the most immediate.


No, but in English you could say, "Soon I will wash the duvet."


Could bedding be another translation for 침대보?

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