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Request: Working on Listening in Practice Exercises

Hi Duolingo,

I would like it if there were some kind of audible signal that tells me if the exercise is a Write in the Target Language versus a Translate to Native Language. If there was a way to only discriminate between the two exercises by ear, I could focus solely on listening rather than trying to read

So far the audible signals are like this for my Spanish-English course:

1) Write in Spanish - No sound occurs because the sentence is in English 2) Listen and Write in Spanish - The sentence is spoken in Spanish. 3) Listen and Translate to English - The sentence is spoken in Spanish. 4) Read/Listen and Translate to English - The sentence is spoken in Spanish.

Exercises 2, 3, and 4 are exactly the same when you listen. If I wanted to just concentrate on listening, you have to constantly check the visuals of the exercise. This breaks the concentration on listening. The only thing I would need is to hear a difference for #2 so I know I need to write in English as opposed to Spanish.

Another suggestion that goes a bit further is to have an option to only practice listening and eliminate all exercises that require reading such as Exercise #1 and certain Vocabulary multiple choice exercises.

January 11, 2018

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Offhand seems like the most straightforward way to go about something along these lines would be to introduce a "challenge" type where the sentence is only read but not shown and the box is positioned like in other translation exercises as opposed to like the transcription ones so people don't get confused. This might well come with the introduction of Skill Levels, a natural addition for those more advanced in a given skill it would seem to me.

Of course, one could imagine an option to just turn off displayed sentences, as there is one to turn off the speaker (an option I have employed when doing Greek, for example, since it was easier to just listen than to force myself to decode a new writing system). I think there are userscripts that provide this additional functionality. Perhaps someone will turn up who knows details.

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